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Professional interpreting service at your disposal.

Interpreting is often a strategic element of your professional activity. Sometimes indispensable, the service is often used for technical, medical, legal, computer translation… We offer you our vast experience in professional interpreting service in a range of industries so that you could seamlessly do your job. Do you want to try? Leave your contacts and we will find the perfect interpreter for you.

When is interpreting needed?

Interpretation is normally used at conferences and often in marketing or during commercial events. Because now business people are looking for ways to sell their goods or services abroad, a need for translations arouses very quickly. With clients in other countries, your company will have to translate a variety of documents in different areas: legal contracts, installation guides or user manuals for technicians, etc. When your foreign partners visit you, an interpreter is needed for a smooth communication. You will surely need to convey your opinions and understand your partners’ opinion clearly and precisely.

Also, what concerns documentation, there is the question of language as well. Even if the minimum is to have documents in English, it’s always better to offer your clients papers in their native language, be it French, German, Italian, or Spanish.

Why use interpreting services?

In professional context, having reliable and true-to-original documents during conferences or events is often a key to success. That’s why the decision to hire a translation agency proficient in your field is highly recommended.

Why deprive yourself of powerful translation of your documents performed by technical and linguistic experts? There’s always a temptation to save costs and in a couple of clicks get a machine translation; however, you know that the translation quality will suffer as well as your reputation, and you will actually lose much more than you save. JIT offers professional translation and interpreting services. Our seasoned translators and interpreters experienced in multiple areas will do their best for you to make the most out of your business.

JIT services for you

We can help you get a perfect translation in negotiations, live communications and all kinds of documents. Working with 40 languages, we are in touch with experts in different industries to provide the best possible translation whatever your business sector. Computer, technical, medical, legal – we’ll make every effort to deliver the most powerful results.

It’s very easy and convenient to start working with us. Just upload your document or place an order, and our translators will do the rest. Looking for professional help in interpreting or translation? Just drop us a line!