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JIT Translation Agency provides consecutive translation services. Service guarantee and 24-hour order reception. We work throughout Ukraine and beyond.

The difference between consecutive and simultaneous translation (interpreting) is that the translation is carried out consecutively after the speaker. A feature of consecutive translation is a pause during which the translator has time to translate what was said into another language. It is necessary to have a high professional level to manage in a short time to analyze what is being told, to build a phrase in another language, and to choose the appropriate words.

Main advantages: guarantee and quality of our translations.

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When might you need our help?

Are you going on a tourist trip or expecting guests from abroad? Trying to overcome the language barrier in business, science, or advertising? Or you may need a website translation. In all these cases, it is worth cooperating with experts who know the intricacies of a foreign language and, at the same time, have enough expertise in professional fields, be it law, medicine, technology, or another area of activity. Our company guarantees the speed, accuracy, and literacy of consecutive translations. Our employees – native speakers and professionals with specialized education – are constantly improving their qualifications, so we can confidently say: that you will be 100% satisfied.

Experienced JIT translators are ready to provide professional support at any event:

  • Business communication in telephone mode;
  • Sightseeing tour
  • Press conference;
  • Presentation, round table, exhibition;
  • Seminar, briefing, speech;
  • Setting up equipment and other working points;


Translators in our team are professionals in their fields.

Consecutive translation from/to Ukrainian

In business, there are various situations in which entrepreneurs are ready to turn to consecutive translation specialists to enter foreign markets. Translation from/into the Ukrainian language is gaining particular popularity, and it can be performed using different methods depending on the goals.

The phrasing method, which consists in working with each phrase separately, allows you to solve the task of an informal event with a small number of guests.

A wide range of applications characterizes the paragraph-phrase approach. Since, in this case, consecutive translation takes place according to the principle of dividing speech into separate fragments with a complete thought, it is used during both official receptions and meetings of an informal nature

Oral or written consecutive interpretation is provided where there is an opportunity to prepare in advance by reading the speaker’s speech on the screen or in print. This method justifies itself at lectures, and scientific and educational events, when it is essential to be precise in terms and competently lead a story.

How to order a translation:

You send an application through the website or call.

We study the material and consider the scope and timings. After that, we offer tariffs and terms.

From the provided options, you choose the one that best meets your request.