Corporate Language Training

Corporate Language Training: English and Other Foreign Languages

Corporate language training in foreign languages, particularly English, is an important resource for expanding business and accessing international markets. Our spoken and written English courses for adults will help your company build personnel who are proficient in this language and will be competitive on an international level.

Program Selection

We offer experience, a proven method, a natural teaching style, and a personalized approach to each employee. Our programs are flexible and tailored, allowing for effective integration of foreign language learning into the schedule of any company.

Online Learning

Our professional English teachers conduct online classes, which allow your employees to learn the language anywhere and at a comfortable pace without being distracted from work. After our courses, your colleagues and employees will be able to conduct business negotiations, correspond with foreign partners, travel on business trips, and represent the company at exhibitions and conferences.

Individual Language Courses

Practice has shown that successful English language learning for busy managers requires an individual approach and attention to their specific needs. Such a personalized approach helps managers effectively learn English in the context of their work and the company’s business.


If you or your employees wish to improve your English language skills in a specific area, we can offer a range of seminars focused on professional topics and tailored to your needs. If the topics offered on our website do not meet your needs, we are ready to develop and organize a seminar or series of seminars to adhere to your company’s requirements.

Our topics include courses such as:

  • Presentations: learning the skills to create and deliver presentations is an essential component of success in business. Our course will help your employees gain confidence and proficiency in creating presentations that meet international standards. During this course, students will learn to analyze and interpret information in English, receive feedback effectively, and provide rational criticism and suggestions.


  • Email: English-language email is the foundation of any modern business. Our seminars will help your colleagues and employees improve their business writing skills and take them to the next level. We quickly and efficiently teach all the nuances of business English, including business etiquette, appropriate vocabulary, forms of address for recipients, and more. Our courses will not only help you learn to write effective emails, but also enhance your professional qualifications and develop communication skills.


  • Legal Issues: legal matters require mastery of a special language that differs from everyday speech. By attending seminars from JIT.Academy, your employees will be able to confidently conduct conversations and correspondence in English with precise use of legal terminology. Discussions and business games dedicated to different legal systems will help in this regard. Also, we work with vocabulary and terminology widely used in legal practice to ensure better understanding and use of appropriate terms.


  • Cultural Differences: During your employees’ training, they will learn about things that are acceptable in business communication in one culture but may be considered unacceptable in another and subject to criticism. Your employees will learn about business etiquette in different countries and learn to communicate in English with consideration for local customs. The training also includes an analysis of the business culture in England.


  • Marketing: Any business should have the ability to effectively promote its products or services. Our marketing seminars not only help to enrich vocabulary with the relevant terminology but also teach your team how to effectively present your products or services to foreign partners and customers, highlighting key advantages and unique selling points, and finding the right approach for an English-speaking audience.


  • Negotiations: The importance of communication in English for successful negotiations with partners, suppliers, and clients cannot be overstated. Our seminar helps to improve the skills of conducting business negotiations in English, learn how to effectively communicate with foreign partners, follow business etiquette, and achieve your goals.


Our highly qualified English-speaking staff is directly responsible for the success of your employees. Throughout the entire course, JIT.Academy teachers pay exceptional attention to each student. This individual approach allows for the full realization of your employees’ potential and helps them to work with challenges. Feedback from teachers increases students’ motivation and helps them to stay on the course.

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