Individual lessons

Individual lessons of English and other languages

They help to speak English and other languages and use them routinely with confidence. For whom? Adults, children and teenagers with different levels of language mastery. First, choose a course for your level of English or take a language proficiency test. We offer interactive sessions and relevant knowledge. What is needed from you:

  • Surround yourself with English
  • Always keep studying at hand (dictionary, textbooks, notebook, etc.)
  • Gain skills, learn words, do homework, watch videos and listen to audio on your phone or computer

English language practice

Practice language from the first study sessions.

Communicate in English, listen to peculiar language of different countries and you’ll learn to understand any accent.

Obvious linguistic progress

Track your progress in all skills: reading, listening, vocabulary, grammar and writing.

Jogging, walking, scootering, computer games and many other different hobbies that we’ll talk about in English.

Why study language with our tutors

  • For going abroad

Communicate freely with foreigners on trips. The other case is moving to another country.

  • For work

Interviews, communication with colleagues, delivering speeches at conferences.

  • For training

Pass an exam, study at a foreign university or school.

  • For yourself

Watch movies, read books in the original, chat with friends.

  • Come up with it in the process! If you haven’t thought about it, maybe you’ll find out you want to switch to remote work next year?

Tips for learning a foreign language

Effort and persistence are required to maintain a learning pace that allows for progress and powerful results. That is why it’s important to take individual lessons frequently and spend time in daily practice.

Define your needs. Make the most out of private English lessons to develop your most challenging skills. This will help you prepare for specific goals, such as achieving a higher level of English or excelling in an official exam. You may also want to look for private spoken English lessons to practice your spoken language.

Get feedback after each lesson. By doing this, you can better understand what topics you need to work on. This will also allow you to identify the mistakes you make most often.

Avoid distractions. When you are prevented from proper studying in a place that’s convenient for you, it’s important to find an environment that has nothing distracting you from your learning sessions.

What is the difference between individual and group classes?

Are individual English lessons more effective than group lessons?

These are different modalities. Private English lessons allow you to progress at your own pace, study individually and work on your specific needs. Instead, group lessons are ideal for those who love to communicate with other people, share their experiences and work in team.