Simultaneous translation

Simultaneous translation

Translation for business meetings and state corporations. We ensure 100% confidentiality of information.

Translators only with professional education. We adhere to DSTU and ISO standards.

We provide the necessary equipment. Cost calculation from 8 minutes. From 6000/hour.

JIT Translation Bureau

We provide simultaneous translation services in Kyiv and Lviv, but we can work throughout Ukraine if necessary. We organize everything required for holding forums, conferences, presentations, and other events with a large audience—a guarantee of services and 24-hour reception of applications.

We provide a permanent guarantee of the quality of our translations and a free test translation

Peculiarities of simultaneous translation

Unlike other types of translation, simultaneous translation is performed simultaneously with the speaker’s speech. This work is challenging but saves time and positively affects the audience’s attention. A simultaneous interpreter must have a perfect command of the native language and the language of translation, be highly focused, and have sufficient knowledge and vocabulary. The speaker does not have to pause between sentences, so the length of the speech does not increase. Listening to simultaneous translation is also much easier and more pleasant because the cues are not doubled.


Simultaneous translation is a relatively expensive service. It is ordered mainly for large and important events at the international level. For each such order, not only a philologist or translator is involved in our office, but also a personal manager who is entrusted with organizational functions. Translators who participate in such large events must know who will speak, what will be discussed, and for what kind of audience. Preparation, in this case, allows you to provide the highest quality translation services because even an experienced translator prepares the translation of names and positions, abbreviations and terms, etc., in advance. One pair of interpreters is usually invited to chamber events, or three interpreters if the conversation is critical. But international meetings with a broad geography of participants may require up to 12 booths of interpreters with different working languages.

To organize simultaneous translation in front of a large audience, it is necessary to allocate a particular place where the translator will work and where the technical equipment – microphone, headphones, and audio system – will be installed and adjusted. In negotiations where two or three people communicate, such special conditions are not required.

Simultaneous translators are the elite of the translation business. Only some specialists can perform such work. Our professionals have extensive experience, are highly qualified, and are stress-resistant and focused. We can also organize the involvement of native speakers; it all depends on the tasks.

Additional types of simultaneous translation:

Translation from a sheet – is performed either with preparation, when the translator receives a written version of the report and can preview the text, or without preparation – in this case, the task is somewhat complicated.

Simultaneous reading of the translated text – the translator reads the narrator’s speech, translated by him or other colleagues in advance, pronouncing the translated text immediately after the speaker. The translator immediately makes appropriate corrections if the translation does not match the original.

Chuchotage or whispered translationsimultaneous interpretation at the ear, in which no technical equipment is used. Such a translation does not require a separate place for arranging the translator. The speech is translated for one to three listeners.

How to order a translation:

  • You send your application
  • We study the material, consider the scope and terms
  • We offer different rates and terms of execution
  • You choose the most appropriate option

Simultaneous translation services

Our team consists of professional translators who can easily translate from English, German, French, and other European and Asian languages. We work in Lviv, but we also provide our services in different cities worldwide. Simultaneous interpretation services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We guarantee:

  • Individual problem solving – we will select specialists for specific requirements and tasks
  • We will take into account all the nuances of the technical and professional parts,
  • We will provide a professional and reliable administrator, so everything will be checked, recorded, and agreed upon

The high qualification and competence of translators: simultaneous translators of our agency are of the highest category so that they can work with the highest-level officials, heads of the largest organizations, and the most demanding audiences.