Apostille of the translation

Apostillization is an international standardized form of certification for official non-commercial documents with a special mark (stamp). This is a simplified procedure for the processing and legalizing of papers for presentation in countries participating in the Hague Convention** (October 5, 1961). Apostille confirms the position of the person who signed the document, the authenticity of the signature, and the seals and stamps with which the document is sealed if necessary.

Apostille – translation cost

The legalization price depends on the consular fee.

The apostille of the translation most often involves legalization in the Ministry of Justice or (depending on the document specifics) in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the National Security Service, etc. The terms of execution, in this case, may be different. For example, registration with the Ministry of Justice takes a certain number of working days.

Apostillation of translations must be accepted without restriction.

JIT Translation Bureau will advise you and provide you with an apostille translation in any language of the country to which you intend to apply, as well as deal with all organizational issues in government institutions.

Particular importance is attached to the selection of translators – for translating legal projects, we select professionals with experience in international law, business, and finance.

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** List of countries for which apostillization is not required:

Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cuba, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mongolia, Moldova, Panama, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Tajikistan, Slovenia, Vietnam, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Montenegro, Tunisia, Turkmenistan.