What activity fields do we cover: 

  •  Interpretation
  •  Sequential translation
  •  Simultaneous translation
  •  Translation for conferences
  •  Translations of documents
  •  Certification of translations
  •  Notarization
  •  Apostille
  •  IT translation
  •  Software translation
  •  Localization
  •  Online translations
  •  Website translation


The translation begins with an evaluation.

Do you need a document translated for your work? Yes, but how to estimate the cost of translation? In addition to simply comparing the offers of different agencies, it is also worth understanding what criteria are taken into account. At JIT, you get a free test translation.


Translation cost estimate

No matter whom you work with – freelancers or a translation agency – the price of a translation depends on specific criteria. The translation is evaluated depending on the language pair (original language and translation language), execution time, number of words, and format. Based on this, each service provider evaluates its own services. You can contact our company directly and order a free test translation. To do this, you need to download the document from our website.


Test translation from a translation bureau – yes or no?

The easiest way to estimate the cost of a translation is to ask a translation agency to analyze your project with a free test task. Experienced specialists will assess the nature of your project, its complexity, time, and resources required for its implementation. But before that, you need to define your own needs. What should be the format, direction, and topic of the text – all these criteria will allow you to get the most accurate assessment

Why JIT?

If you are still trying to decide whether to contact us, pay attention to a practical option – free test translation. You will receive a translated document as soon as possible after uploading the original through the form on our website. We’ll offer you pricing plans so you can stick to your budget. This step should be considered because the cost of the task depends on its type and complexity. The tariff plan may change if additional services need to be performed or if you have special requirements (stylistic editing, formatting in a specific format, short translation times, etc.). 

Still undecided? Contact our specialists, and we will happily answer your questions.