Ukrainian to English

Translation Agency from Ukrainian to English / English to Ukrainian

JIT Language Services Translation Agency provides professional translation services for books, specialized texts, and documentation from Ukrainian to English and other languages of the world.

Who uses our services

Our translation bureau provides quality translations from English to Ukrainian, using a flexible project management system and meeting the order requirements. We provide professional language translations in the fields of industry, education, tourism, medicine, insurance, and others. Our translators have the necessary knowledge within their specialization, allowing us to achieve the most accurate interpretation of the text.

Professional translation services

We provide professional translation services such as:

  • technical translation of scientific articles, patents, instructions for industrial equipment;
  • translation of websites, restaurant menus, labels;
  • literary translation of books, works of individual persons and publishers;
  • translation of legal documents, meeting minutes, charters, statutory documents, extracts;
  • translation of pharmaceutical manuals, medical documentation, and literature;
  • translation of agreements, contracts, organization details, licenses, commercial proposals, warranty letters, customs documents, test reports, compliance certificates, specifications;
  • localization of software or computer programs and games;
  • urgent translation of business plans, presentations, product catalogs, product advertisements, annual reports, profit and loss reports, marketing research, economic reviews, financial news.

Advantages of cooperation with us

  • Knowledge and experience

The high qualification of our translators is confirmed by diplomas from universities in Ukraine and Western Europe.

  • Quality

Each translation is carefully checked. To obtain the most accurate meaning of foreign terms in Ukrainian, we use specialized dictionaries. As an additional service, translation services are provided by native speakers of the English language.

  • Pricing

We offer affordable prices for translation services from English to Ukrainian and from Ukrainian to English. The price depends on the volume, subject matter of the text, and the deadline of the order.