German Language

German Language Translation Agency

JIT Language Services is a translation agency that offers high-quality services at all stages of translation. The agency has extensive experience in translating official documents, scientific and literary works, technical, medical, and other types of texts.

Our team of professionals provides interpretation services for educational programs, business meetings, negotiations, and seminars. We also consult with clients on translation matters, provide certification and notarization of documents, and apostille certification. JIT Language Services is proud of its reputation and partnerships with clients from all over the world, and geographical boundaries are not a hindrance to collaboration.

Translation of documents into German

JIT Language Services is an online service but is located in Lviv, and its experts frequently visit Kyiv to meet with clients. The team of JIT Language Services comprises highly qualified specialists from various fields, including linguistics, law, medicine, economics, engineering, and others. Their knowledge and translation skills are confirmed by certificates and diplomas from leading universities and educational centers. If necessary, we search for additional information in dictionaries and reference materials and consult with leading experts in the international field. Our services also include interpretation.

Translation from German into Ukrainian

Our translations from German to Ukrainian are always carried out by the most competent specialists in the relevant subject matter to ensure the highest quality of service. For large orders, we form a team that works together to complete the project within the specified deadline. The leading editor of the team is responsible for coordinating the work of translators, checking the finished material, and ensuring the stylistic consistency of the text, guaranteeing the quality of the translation.

JIT Language Services closely monitors the quality of its services because we understand that any mistake can lead to customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, we only select experienced translators with the relevant professional qualifications. Additionally, we use modern translation software, which makes the translation process more efficient and precise.