IT translation

Translation in the field of IT and software

Today, this field unites hundreds of different professions: software analyst, network administrator, webmaster, service engineer, etc. Since the international language of information technology is English, it is evident that translation services may be needed to work with developers, suppliers, and software or to understand the expectations of a foreign customer. JIT Translation Bureau has extensive experience in the field of IT translations. We translate IT products from/into Ukrainian quickly, qualitatively, and reliably.

Language as an obstacle to the development of the industry

English is the language of international documentation in the field of IT, so specialists in this field will often have to translate documents from English into their native language. Why should these documents be translated? Working with poorly translated or incompletely understood documents risks errors and reduces productivity. Of course, learning the program’s functionality is more challenging when its description is written in a foreign language. Both users, operators, and suppliers need high-quality translations to perform their work well – that’s a fact.

Documentation and technical terms

The most frequent request for translation in the field of IT is the documentation with which you can use the tool. It is essential that the documentation is adequately translated and understandable to both the user and technical specialists and that the terminology is agreed upon for the entire volume of translated documents. An incorrect, inadequate, non-traditional version of the translation may threaten the loss of the user. At JIT, we apply our knowledge and experience for flawless translation. Our advantages, in a nutshell, are reliability and speed.

JIT services for professional IT translation

We offer translations tailored to your needs. We guarantee high quality because we have a vast experience in translations in the field. Simply upload your documentation through our platform and apply for a free test translation online.