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German language online

If your goal is to obtain a residence permit, advance in your career, enroll in a university with German-language instruction, or confirm your knowledge, then the best solution is to take an international exam and obtain a certificate that demonstrates your progress.

How to obtain a certificate in German

Our school has been preparing students for international exams for over 10 years, and we are happy to share useful information. If you plan to obtain a certificate, we recommend registering at a testing center several months before the planned exam date. However, before doing so, it is important to determine your current language level and the level required to obtain the certificate. This information will help you plan your studies or choose the appropriate courses.

Exams for any level

If you are starting to learn German from scratch and require permission to enter the country, we can help you gather the necessary documents and within three months, you will be able to successfully pass the Start Deutsch exam at level A1.

From beginner Deutsch 1 to level B1. This next level is important for those who plan to study at a German college, obtain a residence permit (and even citizenship), or find a job in Germany. Obtaining a B1 certificate after completing our courses will confirm your language skills at this level.

After obtaining the Deutsch B1 certificate, you can continue your studies and have the opportunity to enroll in a German university or find a job in the healthcare industry. To do so, you must prepare for the Deutsch B2 exam, which will take about six months.

An alternative option is to take the TestDaF exam (TDN 3 and TDN 4), which is also accepted by universities and demonstrates a high level of German language proficiency. After successfully passing either of these exams, you can continue your studies or hold a highly skilled position in healthcare.

To achieve success in an academic career or obtain a highly skilled position, it is necessary to have a high-level certificate such as the Goethe Certificate C1 or achieve a high score for TestDaF. Additionally, one can take the TELC exam, which assesses language competence and provides the same rights as the Goethe Institute certificates of the corresponding level.

Course features

Our classes:

  • are held twice a week
  • last two hours
  • are conducted online
  • have 4-6 students in a group of the same language level
  • usually take place in the evenings

Our teachers are professional and experienced, paying attention to the quality of each participant’s education and developing an individual learning program tailored to their needs and level.

Duration of study

Courses A1 and A2 are designed for 48 academic hours or 24 sessions lasting 3 months for complete learning. To achieve higher levels of proficiency in the German language (B1, B2, and C1), approximately six months of learning consisting of two three-month courses are needed.

However, it is important to keep in mind that each course assumes the listener has confident knowledge at the previous level of learning. For example, to prepare for the Start Deutsch 1 exam, you can start from scratch, but to achieve the Zertifikat Deutsch B1 level, you need to have a basic A2 level. If you do not have the appropriate level, the best option is intensive individual learning.

If you have specific language goals, require a special schedule or psychological comfort to overcome the language barrier, individual lessons will also be more useful for you.

Remember that the exam is just a stage in our lives that we need to pass successfully. However, if you address a professional teacher at JIT.Academy, your path to success will be shorter and more enjoyable. We look forward to meeting you in our online class!