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Welcome to the JIT.Academy community

My name is Oksana Kazanivska, I am the founder of the community and the project JIT.Academy, where I am also engaged as a teacher of English and Spanish languages and a coach.

At present the JIT.Academy is an educational online platform, uniting hundreds of people by one idea: evolvement, learning foreign languages and deepening knowledge, doing the work of love worldwide. People have been studying and advancing with us for many years, and having become proficient in one language, they aspired to master another one to be able to travel and work in any country of the world.
By the way, many of our students managed to do that pretty well.

And that’s just a few success stories

I liked the course that Katherine carried out. She managed to get me talking, to make me overcome the fear of mistakes, because how can one do without mistakes? )))) I was once telling a story in which such an animalcule as gopher came into the picture, and I did not know what was the English word for it. It was sooo interesting to describe it, I had to take a guess and grub up the forgotten knowledge, because I really wanted to explain what kind of beast it was )))) It was fun. This is how, in an easy and relaxed atmosphere, the studies pass, I really liked it.

Dima Sivash

I have studied at Just In Time school and got a solid knowledge of English that I could use in my professional field. There’s a wonderful team and, most importantly, the teachers. I can recommend this school to my friends with confidence, and I’m pretty sure that when I decide to continue my language studies, I will definitely come here.
I’d like to thank the Just In Time team for my proficiency and the ability to improve it!

Ievgenia Shargorodska

I have been studying in Just In Time for 3 semesters. Three different levels – three different teachers. I liked everything. The movie club was what I enjoyed most! The store of knowledge I came away with is really solid 🙂 And the most important thing – YOU HELPED ME SHED FEAR AND SPEAK IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE!

Iryna Shekhova

What I remember most in my study at Just In Time school is a lot of speaking activity, and improving vocabulary. The biggest advantage was a wonderful teaching of grammar, a large number of auditive exercises… and I’m sincerely grateful for that.

Svitlana Salo

Why do our students have excellent performance and a desire to lead the charge?

There are at least three reasons for this


Experience and knowledge, which were adapted, time-tested and packed in step-by-step algorithms just for you.

That is why the teacher contacts individually everyone willing to study, holds a consultation, determines the level of knowledge, needs, goals and adjusts the program for you.


It is impossible not to teach
Our course outline is designed so that you study and master part of the material just during sessions, and the rest – in a format of homework that is mandatory.
Our main mission is your result. This must be the main criterion for you too.


The process dynamics and constant support of the motivating teacher and coach

Every day in the JIT.Academy team life is booming, dozens of new questions come up, to which we give hundreds of answers that help us tune in.
Permanent contact with the teacher: we keep track of your learning process and touch up all finer points, providing help and bringing you to the goal!

There would be nothing but for our team.

Excellent things are not created single-handed – JIT.Academy is the result of a whole team of talented people, each of whom is the master of his craft.



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English teacher



English teacher specializing in English for tourism and hotel business and English for IT



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JIT.Academy is not merely about study, it’s about a lifestyle.