Video translation, subtitling and dubbing

JIT Translation Agency provides high-quality and affordable video translation services. We offer subtitling and dubbing in a foreign language or Ukrainian and are ready to provide a detailed consultation to ensure that you choose the most efficient translation option that best suits your needs.

What is video translation?

If you need to translate video content into or from another language, it’s important to understand what options there exist for the final product. Subtitling includes written translation of the text, and this text will be displayed on the screen simultaneously with the original video. Instead, dubbing implies that the recorded voice of the speaker who will read the text in the target language will replace the sound of the original video. Each video translation option has its own advantages, and we are happy to tell you about them.

Why is translation of videos so important?

When expanding the marketing strategy, you may require to reach a foreign audience. In this case, translation of subtitles and dubbing is exactly what you need. The opportunity to enter global markets is directly related to high-quality translation which is understandable to viewers. 

The popularity of YouTube and Reels (especially in terms of marketing) is the best proof of the value of video content to attract the international audience. Video content is also quickly becoming an important factor in SEO ranking, so it’s time to make the most of it with both simultaneous video translation and dubbing.

Using subtitles to translate videos

Translation of subtitles is usually the first request for translation of videos from English into Ukrainian or vice versa, sought by both newbies and experienced video producers striving to reach the international audience. Subtitling in the target language has certainly a number of advantages, in particular:

  • Translated subtitles are an inexpensive yet effective way to translate video content;
  • Video text translation is great for SEO optimization, which often plays a significant role in choosing a translation method. Search engines – for example, Google – are able to read and index the text of the video translation on YouTube, which will help foreign audiences find your videos, and you – to promote your content;
  • Translation by subtitling will help to expand the audience, because foreign viewers with hearing problems will also be able to watch your videos;
  • Subtitling does not change the tone, intonations and voices in the original videos, which can be crucial in certain types of content;
  • Subtitles in foreign languages (and for foreigners – subtitles in Ukrainian) is also an effective tool for learning the language.

This type of video translation has, of course, its weaknesses which must be taken into account:

  • Text on the screen may partially cover important information on the screen (for example, text or infographics);
  • If subtitles are provided in several languages, the viewer will have to manually switch between them;
  • Some viewers prefer only dubbing.

Using dubbing to translate videos

Dubbing services are not as common as subtitling, however, they have their significant advantages, to name a few:

  • Translated foreign or Ukrainian voiceover means that the video is ‘ready to use’ – viewers don’t need to adjust the settings;
  • Dubbing is especially valuable when it is necessary to pay maximum attention to what is happening on the screen, or if inscriptions interfere with reading information on the screen;
  • Some viewers see dubbing as a more natural way to watch foreign videos – in contrast to reading subtitles.

Though, any method has its flaws, and dubbing for video translation is no exception:

  • Dubbing is significantly more expensive, since it requires several types of work: translation, studio recording and video/audio editing; 
  • Dubbing takes much more time, because, in addition to the above, it also implies the involvement of additional specialists (for example, actors of Ukrainian dubbing); 
  • Publishing a video with voiceover in most cases involves publishing the same video in different languages, because the capabilities of video platforms in terms of switching between audio tracks are limited;
  • Poor dubbing or synchronization distracts the viewer’s attention, so it’s important that translators of films and short videos not only have the language mastery, but also be able to provide the highest quality at all stages of dubbing.

Our Just in Time Translation Agency guarantees that every step of video translation – whether subtitling or dubbing – will be performed by experts in their field. For each type of translation, there is a number of unique advantages, and we will gladly explain them to you based on your project. Drop us a line for more information! We are open to questions and cooperation.