JIT International Translation Agency

Services in translation, notarization of texts, apostille. We will help you gain insights on filling up forms and documents for submitting them abroad. Copywriting services, writing articles, filling sites.

Text translation

In a professional context, it may not be uncommon for you to come across an incomprehensible text because it is written in German, English or Romanian. What to do in this situation? The solution to the problem is to get a translation by a professional. And no matter what your industry is, it’s obvious that you can’t afford a low-quality translation in your work. By using the services of our agency, you will receive the best service. Don’t panic, start with us. It is very simple, you will see it.

If you need a translation, whether oral or written, quality is guaranteed at the JIT language translation center. Currently, the Ukrainian-English specialist service is the most popular. You can order it online quickly and hassle-free.

Other languages are also on our list: German, French, Polish, Spanish, Italian, etc.

We also arrange all-inclusive translations. If you have a conference, visits by celebrities or business partners in Ukraine, we can organize everything at the top level. Microphones, translation booths, and even cameras if it comes to online translations. 

What does interpreting service include?

When ordering our translators’ services, it is important to understand the number of hours and the topic of translation. Is it generic or concerns a certain field of translation: IT, Soft, Localization, etc? If you do not know exactly what will be discussed in the meeting, we will find a compromise and assign you a general specialist.

The translators of our agency: quality and speed

What are our specialists? We not only do high-quality translation, we also teach these languages and learn them ourselves. Most often, our translators are people who lived in other countries and were directly immersed in the language environment. Therefore, they can speak fluently and work qualitatively with attention to all the dialect nuances.

Fields of official translations

We offer the following translation services: 

  • notarization of texts, apostillation,
  • registration of questionnaires and documents for submission abroad,
  • copyrighting services,
  • writing articles,
  • preparing site content and translation of sites
  • certificates of criminal record
  • specialized technical translation (IT, business, economy)

Simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting or written translation

What is the difference?

When translating documents, you will need a written translation. Often, an apostilled and notarized translation is required.

If you have a conference or corporate presentations, you need several simultaneous interpreters who will instantly translate for the listeners. In this case, special equipment is needed. On top of the general communication equipment, we will take care and check the headphones for each of the listeners.

Consecutive translation is more often used during negotiations and tete-a-tete communication.

The locality of translations is Lviv, Kyiv and the rest of Ukraine

Normally, our specialists work in these cities. But if necessary, we can go to the outermost reaches of Ukraine. Ternopil, Dnipro, Khmelnytskyi and Ivano-Frankivsk will all be covered. Basically, any place where you can arrange a meeting with foreigners. We don’t mind traveling abroad and will be happy to translate for you on any continent, we are pretty much experienced for this. 

Urgent translations

Our translators work practically 24/7. Therefore, if you have an urgent matter, you can apply right now or call us. We will respond quickly and do everything in our power.

In which language shall we translate your text?

If you want to export your products internationally through your website, you will have to get it translated. English is normally required but you may also want to have your site translated into other languages depending on your target markets. You will certaintly sell more by speaking in the native language of your customers. Then why hesitate?

Translation challenges in your business

Obviously, the bigger the stake, the more you need a good translator. But what exactly are we talking about here? Brand image, legal risk, health… these are the spheres that foremost suffer from a bad translation. Each area is definitely specific to your business. If you work in the medical field, patient health may be at risk. From a legal point of view, an incorrect translation of a document can push you to signing provisions that you are not satisfied with. Some of them may have serious consequences. With this in mind, addressing an expert translator in your field seems more than reasonable. JIT translators specialize in around 20 areas of expertise such as IT, medical, legal, marketing and more. 

Why cooperate with the JIT translation agency?

Why use a translation agency? Simply put, an agency brings the necessary quality of editing and even technical compliance into your project. Our agency undertakes to provide a translation that meets your needs and excludes possible defects. Even as there are freelance translators, only an agency will complete your translation project from start to finish and will be able to manage multilingualism, which an independent translator cannot do. An agency can also provide additional services. For example, in JIT, beside translation, we can preserve the DTP layout of your print-ready document. Save your time and your money with us!

You do not need to come to our office to take your original documents. We will pick everything up and deliver it back by courier

Upload your file for a quick estimation of the translation cost and we will inform you of the timeline for completion